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The simple story about CBD is that there is no simple story about CBD. It falls into both a medical and bureaucratic black hole where it can seem nearly impossible to extract definitive information. New CBD dog products are springing up daily, and in a pretty much unregulated industry, it’s often difficult to know what’s best for your dog.

Our panel of experts will be discussing all of the things you might not know about this often misunderstood herb and the research that shows its promise in helping dogs with a variety of common health issues.

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Mile High Dog Magazine

  • June 2019: Dr. Judy on Cancer Treatment Alternatives for Pets, as published in the June/July 2019 edition of Mile High Dog Magazine. If your browser doesn’t support the e-page viewer used on their site, you can also view the article here.

Dogs Naturally Magazine

  • March 2020: Lacey’s Story of Healing. Ozone Therapy has helped Lacey survive cancer (so far) 5 years beyond her prognosis. Featured article in the Mar/April 2020 edition of Dogs Naturally Magazine. Subscribe to view.
  • November 2019: A Veterinarian’s Journey from Kibble to Raw. Featured article in the Nov/Dec 2019 edition of Dogs Naturally Magazine. Subscribe to view.
  • September 2019: Non-conventional Cancer Treatments That Work. Featured article in the Sept/Oct 2019 edition of Dogs Naturally Magazine. Subscribe to view.
  • March 2012: Vets on Vaccines – 24 Holistic Vets speak out about the hazards of vaccines. Dr. Judy joins the debate.

Treating Seizures in your Pet
Ketogenic Diet – Boosting Health by Burning Fat
Vaccine Pros & Cons
Mistletoe – Historical Benefits of an Unusual Plant
Ozone & Biophotonics – Using Oxygen & Light to Heal
Vitamin D – Is Your Pet Getting the Right Amount?
CBD – A Wealth of Healing from Hemp
EMF’s – A Hidden Danger For Your Pet
Heartworm – What is the Risk to Your Pet?
COVID-19 Information
Lacey’s Story
Are Supplements Necessary
Raw vs Kibble
Choosing a CBD product
The Real Risk of Heartworm Disease
Cancer Treatment Alternatives
Detoxification and your Pet
Vitamin D and Your Pet
Mistletoe as a treatment for cancer
Keeping Your Pet Healthy in 2019
The Skinny on Fat
Ozone therapy for cancer
A healthier way to vaccinate
Choosing the best diet – know what you are feeding
Eliminating toxins
Do you know what is in a vaccination?
GMO in Pet food
When it is time to say good-bye
Summer bugs
Summer travel with pets
Feeding your cat
Which bones are safe to give dogs?
What are the best treats for your pet?
Prescription diets – how healthy are they?
Lifestage diets – is the change necessary?
Nosodes – fact or fiction?
Helping your dog through thunderstorm and firework season
Heartworm prevention, traditional and holistic alternatives
Vegetarian diets, are they safe for dogs and cats?
Heartworm disease – what is your dog’s risk?
Is feeding raw food safe for your pets?
Reading pet food labels – Sifting through the Marketing Hype
Vaccine alternatives
Dental care for pets
Talking to your pets
Antibiotics – good and bad
Litterbox training your dog
Do dogs get the flu?
Reading pet food labels, Part 1 – The Ingredient List
Vaccine reactions or coincidence
Feeding your pet a healthy diet
Holistic alternatives to pain management in pets


Raw Dog Food & Company Interviews by DeDe Murcer Moffett

  • Interview 44: Snake Bites & Dogs – Should You Vaccinate Against Snakes Before Your Next Hike?
  • Interview 43: Protein Levels in Raw Rood – What is an Appropriate Percentage?
  • Interview 42Can Your Pet Get Worms From Eating a Raw Diet?
  • Interview 41CBD for Pets – A Possible Cause for Elevated Liver Enzymes
  • Interview 40Liver Filters Toxins – Is Liver in The Raw Diet Toxic to Your Pets?
  • Interview 39Top Reasons Your Dog May Not Be Able to Digest Bone Properly
  • Interview 38: Covid 19 and Pets – Can They Get the Virus and/or Pass On to You?
  • Interview 37: Dog Won’t Eat? Check These 4 Things Before You Panic
  • Interview 36: Parvo, Distemper & Rabies Shots for Puppies – Which Ones are Worst/Best
  • Interview 35: Vegan Diets for Pets – It’s a Really Bad Idea. Learn Why.
  • Interview 34: Vets Say The Darnedest Things About the Raw Diet – Heard This One Yet?
  • Interview 33: Chemo Treatments Are Not Harmless – Should You Treat Cancer the Traditional Way?
  • Interview 32: Could Pets Licking Themselves After Eating a Raw Diet Cause UTI Issues?
  • Interview 31: Keto Diets for Pets – Whats Good Health vs. Just Good Marketing
  • Interview 30: Itching Skin & Allergies – Stop Switching Proteins & Heal this First
  • Interview 29: Supporting Your Pet’s Microbiome When On Long-Term Antibiotics
  • Interview 28: Hill’s Prescription Diet for the Biome – Review & Debunking
  • Interview 27: Flea & Tick Medications – The Good, Bad, and Really Poisonous
  • Interview 26: Mast Cell Tumors – When to Remove & When to Leave Alone.
  • Interview 25: Which Raw Diets Are Best For Pets?
  • Interview 24: Prevent Making Bad Decisions About Your Pets Health
  • Interview 23: Cancer Vaccine for Pets – Miracle Drug or Money Maker?
  • Interview 22: Dr Judy Jasek Answers Listener’s Questions
  • Interview 21: What Pet Parents Are Being Sold as Healthy Food and How to See Thru the Hype
  • Interview 20: Incontinence In Pets & the Raw Diet. Broccoli or No Broccoli?
  • Interview 19: Dog Flu – A True Epidemic or Media & Marketing Hype?
  • Interview 18: Clostridium and Bad Breath In Pets – What It Means & What to Do
  • Interview 17: Bloat in Dogs – What Causes It and How to Prevent It Now
  • Interview 16: Spay and Neuter – Is it the Healthiest Choice for Pets?
  • Interview 15: Elevated Liver Enzymes? What Blood Panels Are Really Telling You.
  • Interview 14: How at Risk Is Your Pet For Cancer? Do this Test Now to Assess the Risk and Avoid Heartache Later.
  • Interview 13: Essential Oils and Flower Essences to Help Heal and Restore Health In Pets.
  • Interview 12: Dilated Cardiomyopathy – Latest fashionable diagnosis? Proper testing over presumptive diagnosis. Know the facts and ask questions.
  • Interview 11: Know this before your next Vet visit. Avoiding unnecessary and dangerous vaccines. Asking questions and becoming an advocate for your pet.
  • Interview 10: Cancer in Pets – Know the signs & symptoms. Best treatments you’ve likely never heard of before.
  • Interview 9: Having the “guts” to feed raw dog food in the face of product recalls and scare tactics. Putting things into their proper perspective.
  • Interview 8: Heartworm – What is the real risk of contraction, and is the preventative worth the risk to your pet’s health?
  • Interview 7: Should you worry about Salmonella in raw dog food? FDA & media scare tactics vs. trusting your own eyes and experience.
  • Interview 6: Dairy – An appropriate food for dogs? Dairy links to inflammation, cross-reactivity, and reducing cancer potential.
  • Interview 5: Grains – Do pets need them to be healthy? Getting pets on wellness programs that minimize vaccines and optimize nutrition.
  • Interview 4: Vitamin D and Fat support gut, brain, & heart health, and help prevent cancer. The best source of vitamin D and fats for pets.
  • Interview 3: Getting your pet’s gut balanced and healthy. What to feed a dog with IBD or Pancreatitis.
  • Interview 2: The rabies vaccine: pros, cons, legalities, and titer testing. Raw feeding vs. kibble and prescription diets.
  • Interview 1: What is the best food to feed an immune-compromised dog? Best cancer treatment: Chemo or alternative medicine? Bacteria in the raw diet, etc.

By the Grace of Dog Interviews by Ana Melara

  • August 2019: Itchy Skin – Best practices to handle itchy skin and other irritations, with Dr. Judy Jasek
  • December 2015: Holistic Medicine and your dog, with Dr. Judy Jasek

Wag Out Loud Interviews by Krista Karpowich

  • February 2020: 5 Underlying Causes of Cancer in Dogs & the Steps you can Take to Keep your Dog Healthy
  • October 2019: Are We Over-Vaccinating? with Dr. Judy Jasek.
  • August 2019: Dispelling the Myths about Feeding a Raw Diet, with Dr. Jasek

Dr. Andi’s World Radio Show Interviews by Dr. Andi Harper, DC, CAC

  • May 2020: All About Ozone Therapy, with Dr. Judy Jasek
  • February 2020: Beyond Vaccinations, with Dr. Judy Jasek
  • August 2015: The Magic of Ozone Therapy, with Dr. Judy Jasek
  • June 2015: Health Risks of Over-Vaccinating Pets, with Dr. Judy Jasek

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  • January 2020The 5 Leading Causes of Cancer in Dogs and the Steps You Can Take to Keep Your Dog Healthy – with Krista Karpowich of Wag Out Loud


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Holistic Treatments that Work – Ozone

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