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Mile High Dog Magazine

  • June 2019: Dr. Judy on Cancer Treatment Alternatives for Pets, as published in the June/July 2019 edition of Mile High Dog Magazine. If your browser doesn’t support the e-page viewer used on their site, you can also view the article here.

Dogs Naturally Magazine

  • November 2020When Less Is More: Managing Cancer in Your Pet. Featured article in the Nov/Dec 2020 edition. Subscribe to view. 
  • August 2020Osteosarcoma In Dogs: Natural Alternatives. Dr. Judy was interviewed for and referenced by this article, which is free to view without subscription. 
  • March 2020: Lacey’s Story of Healing. Ozone Therapy has helped Lacey survive cancer (so far) 5 years beyond her prognosis. Featured article in the Mar/April 2020 edition of Dogs Naturally Magazine. Subscribe to view.
  • November 2019: A Veterinarian’s Journey from Kibble to Raw. Featured article in the Nov/Dec 2019 edition of Dogs Naturally Magazine. Subscribe to view.
  • September 2019: Non-conventional Cancer Treatments That Work. Featured article in the Sept/Oct 2019 edition of Dogs Naturally Magazine. Subscribe to view.
  • March 2012: Vets on Vaccines – 24 Holistic Vets speak out about the hazards of vaccines. Dr. Judy joins the debate.

What is Socialization? | Fran Menley: Creating Forever Dogs
Feeding Puppies and Kittens Raw Food
Bones in Raw food
Nutritional support for pets with cancer
Treating Seizures in your Pet
Ketogenic Diet – Boosting Health by Burning Fat
Vaccine Pros & Cons
Mistletoe – Historical Benefits of an Unusual Plant
Ozone & Biophotonics – Using Oxygen & Light to Heal
Vitamin D – Is Your Pet Getting the Right Amount?
CBD – A Wealth of Healing from Hemp
EMF’s – A Hidden Danger For Your Pet
Heartworm – What is the Risk to Your Pet?
Lacey’s Story
Are Supplements Necessary
Raw vs Kibble
Choosing a CBD product
The Real Risk of Heartworm Disease
Cancer Treatment Alternatives
Detoxification and your Pet
Vitamin D and Your Pet
Mistletoe as a treatment for cancer
3 Basic Steps to Help keep your pet Healthy
The Skinny on Fat
Ozone therapy for cancer
A healthier way to vaccinate
Choosing the best diet for your pet
Eliminating toxins
Do you know what is in a vaccination?
GMO in Pet food
When it is time to say good-bye
Summer bugs
Summer travel with pets
Feeding your cat
Which bones are safe to give dogs?
What are the best treats for your pet?
Prescription diets – how healthy are they?
Lifestage diets – is the change necessary?
Nosodes Fact or Fiction
Helping your dog through thunderstorm and firework season
Heartworm prevention, traditional and holistic alternatives
Vegetarian diets, are they safe for dogs and cats?
Heartworm disease – what is your dog’s risk?
Is feeding raw food safe for your pets?
Reading pet food labels, Part 2 – Sifting through the Marketing Hype
Dental care for pets
Talking to your pets
Antibiotics – good and bad
Litterbox training your dog
Do dogs get the flu?
Reading pet food labels, Part 1 – The Ingredient List
Vaccine reactions or coincidence
Holistic alternatives to pain management in pets


Green with Tiffany – Interviews by Tiffany Paige

  • August 2022 – Holistically Oriented Pet Care with Dr. Judy Jasek

Raw Dog Food & Company Interviews by DeDe Murcer Moffett

  • Interview 166: Worry About This Not That 
  • Interview 165: How to Recognize a Holistic Vet
  • Interview 164: Counting Calories Is it Necessary
  • Interview 163: Why Allergy Test May Be a Waste of Money
  • Interview 162: Rabies Laws and Ordinance Clarifications
  • Interview 161: Why We Have Antibiotic Resistant Cats & Dogs
  • Interview 160: When Laws Don’t Make Sense for Pets
  • Interview 159: How Much Testing Goes into Your Pets Meds?
  • Interview 158: Is it Autoimmune Disease? – Wrong Diagnoses and Wrong Medication Dangers
  • Interview 157: Pets are Getting Sicker – Here’s What You Need to Know to Help Them  
  • Interview 156: Parvo & Distemper for Puppies – Replay
  • Interview 155: The Best and Worst Cancer Diets for Pets
  • Interview 154: Save Your Money, Sanity and Pets Life With this Skill
  • Interview 153: Dr. Jasek, DVM Answers Listeners Health Questions
  • Interview 152: PCR Test For PetHealth – Can You Trust It
  • Interview 151: A Second Opinion is the First Step
  • Interview 150: Rabies Nosodes – Replay
  • Interview 149: When Prednisone and Antibiotics Do and Don’t Make Sense
  • Interview 148: Thick Paw Skin What the Underlying Cause Might Be
  • Interview 147: How Fooled Can You Be – Pet Parents Are Waking Up
  • Interview 146: Limping Serious or Just Growing Pains
  • Interview 145: Rabies Nosodes What is It and Why Pet Parents Choose It
  • Interview 144: DVM Liver Issues & Jaundice in Pets
  • Interview 143: Dogs Eating Bugs Is it Healthy Plus Cancer Alternatives
  • Interview 142: Healthy Pets are Outside the Prescription Box
  • Interview 141: What could be the biggest culprit in pet hip dysplasia
  • Interview 140: Take Dogs to the ER or Home Treatments
  • Interview 139: Steps Needed to Change the Future of Your Pets Health
  • Interview 138: Beagle Pain Syndrome
  • Interview 137: Spay/Neuter Wait if Dog’s Itchy
  • Interview 136: Mast Cell Tumors and Ovarian Sparing Spay
  • Interview 135: Immune Compromised & Raw Feeding
  • Interview 134: The Beauty of Being Present with Your Pets Now
  • Interview 133: Removing Cyst The Worse and Best Practices – Dr. Jasek, DVM 
  • Interview 132: Friday’s With Dr. Judy Jasek, DVM – 8/26/2022
  • Interview 131: Friday’s With Dr. Judy Jasek, DVM – 8/19/2022
  • Interview 130: Dr. Jasek Answers Your Questions – 8/12/2022
  • Interview 129: Afraid to Feed Bones – Try This
  • Interview 128: Healing for Pets After Medications 
  • Interview 127: Dr. Judy Jasek, DVM Pet Health Questions Answered – 8/8/2022
  • Interview 126: Dr. Jasek Answers Listeners Pet Health Questions – 7/29/2022
  • Interview 125: Pet Health Questions Answered – Dr. Judy Jasek, DVM – 7/21/2022
  • Interview 124: Stop Feeling Guilty For Following Bad Advice – Replay 
  • Interview 123: Pet Shedding What’s Normal What’s Not
  • Interview 122: Dr Jasek, Cushings, Anal Glands and EPI Questions Answered
  • Interview 121: Dr. Judy Jasek Answers Listeners Pet Health Questions – 7/8/2022
  • Interview 120: Dr. Judy Jasek, DVM Answers Your Questions – 7/1/2022
  • Interview 119: Are You Hurting Your Pets Liver?
  • Interview 118: Fab Friday’s Dr. Jasek Answers Your Questions – 6/23/2022
  • Interview 117: Is Your Pup Tick Ready
  • Interview 116: Dr. Jasek Fridays – Questions Answered – 6/17/2022
  • Interview 115: Fridays With Dr. Judy Jasek – Questions Answered – 6/10/2022
  • Interview 114: Dr. Jasek Answers Your Questions – 6/3/2022
  • Interview 113: The Truth About Prescription Diets
  • Interview 112: Rabies, Dentals, and Cow Ticks Oh My
  • Interview 111: Travel Safely With Pets and Avoid Pesky Pests
  • Interview 110: Atopic Dermatitis & Ticks
  • Interview 109: Why Your Dog Farts
  • Interview 108: Doggy Depression Causes and Cures
  • Interview 107: CT Scan, MRI or Ultrasound What’s Best
  • Interview 106: New Anti Parasitic Treatments for Cancer
  • Interview 105: Liver Biopsy Necessary or Even Worth It?
  • Interview 104: Free Health Tip Fridays with Dr. Judy Jasek
  • Interview 103: Dogs Eat Dirt – Should You Be Concerned?
  • Interview 102: What if Our Research Is Wrong?
  • Interview 101: The Worst Veggies for Pets
  • Interview 100: Tips to Stay Present and Calm When Pets Are Hurt or Sick
  • Interview 99: How Long Is Too Long On Antibiotics for Pets?
  • Interview 98: Are We Abusing Pets for Cosmetic Reasons
  • Interview 97: 4 Tips to Avoid Pet Cancer Now
  • Interview 96: The Common Denominator in the Healthiest Pets
  • Interview 95: Shamanic Healing Does You and Your Pet Good
  • Interview 94: The Push for Premixes – Know What They Are and Why You Should Say NO
  • Interview 93: Real Raw Bones too Scary to Feed To Your Pups? We’ve Got a Healthy Solution
  • Interview 92: This is Scheduled for Zoo Animals – Are Your Pets Next
  • Interview 91: Anal Sac Ruptures What’s the Connection to Raw Feed Pets
  • Interview 90: Got Ticks? Get this to Treat Without Harsh Chemicals
  • Interview 89: Cheese and Garlic-Should You Feed These to Your Dogs?
  • Interview 88: Animal Poisons Lurking In Your Yard and House
  • Interview 87: Should a Puppy Be Around Other Dogs If Not Fully Protected With these Shots
  • Interview 86: The Safest & Best Pain Medications for Your Pets
  • Interview 85: What Happens to Your Pets If Something Happens to You
  • Interview 84: If Dog Is Diagnosed with Ehrlichia Ask These Questions Before Treating
  • Interview 83: Pets Peeing In the House Might Be a Medical Issue – We can help!
  • Interview 82: Elimination Diet Takes Too Long for Itchy Pets – Do This Instead
  • Interview 81: EMF’s-The Hidden Danger Pet Parents Might Be Inflicting On Their Pets
  • Interview 80: Emergency! Extremist for a Pet-Less and Meat-Less Society Happening in Colorado
  • Interview 79: Fasting Dogs – A Smart Addition to Your Health Plan
  • Interview 78: Recall Madness – The Truth Behind Recalls in the Raw Dog Food Industry
  • Interview 77: Pet’s Elevated Liver Enzymes Plus 3 Questions You Must Ask Your Vet
  • Interview 76: Signs Your Pet Needs to Go to the Emergency Clinic
  • Interview 75: Hydrolyzed Protein Prescription Dog Food For Allergies? Why It Makes No Sense
  • Interview 74: The Cancer Danger in Dairy Products & Why Ozone Therapy is On the Rise for Pets
  • Interview 73: Fecal Exams What they Find and Are they Really Necessary
  • Interview 72: Your Pets Longevity Health Plan is More Than Just Good Food
  • Interview 71: The Pitfalls of Allergy Testing and Why You Need an EpiPen for Your Dog
  • Interview 70: Lymphoma And The Raw Diet Why It Does the Body Good
  • Interview 69: How to Help Prevent Hip Dysplasia In Puppies Now
  • Interview 68: Itchy Ears? Stop Putting This In Your Pups Ears
  • Interview 67: Tetanus is Serious. Do You Need an Annual Shot to Protect Your Pet?
  • Interview 66: Why Acid Blockers Block Gut Health
  • Interview 65: Sterile Food Is Not In Your Pets Best Interest – Bring on the Bacteria
  • Interview 64: It’s Not the Raw Diet! Why Diarrhea Might Happen From Time to Time
  • Interview 63: Should you test your dog for adequate vitamin and minerals?
  • Interview 62: A Review of Ingredients in Pedigree Dog Food and Treats
  • Interview 61: Rabies Nosodes Vs. The Rabies Shot is It Legal in a Court of Law.
  • Interview 60: Nosodes! Your Pets Alternative to Vaccines.
  • Interview 59: Lumps, Bumps and Pimples – Don’t Poke Prod or Remove.
  • Interview 58: Dogs With One Kidney – Why Feeding a Prescription Diet Is Not the Best Medicine.
  • Interview 57: Walk Your Dogs Here & They Just Might End Up With Cancer
  • Interview 56: Why Does My Pup Vomit Raw Food But Not A Kibble Diet?
  • Interview 55: Itchy Dog? is it Mites, Lice or Fleas? How to Tell and Treat.
  • Interview 54: Estrogen Therapy for Pee Incontinence & Cutting Open Cysts – Why Not Advised
  • Interview 53: How to Wean Your Pet off Apoquel Safely.
  • Interview 52: Zinc Deficiency In Pets. Should You Supplement or Feed This Instead?
  • Interview 51: Muscle Testing for Pets Hoax or Helpful? Plus The Right Water for Best Urine PH.
  • Interview 50: Pets Bleeding Gums Serious or Not? Plus Growing Pains and Short Term Lameness.
  • Interview 49: Don’t Be Fooled – This Food For Cancer Pets Isn’t Healthy or Healing It’s Hype
  • Interview 48: Dog Regurgitating Often? Maybe it’s Megaesophagus – How to Diagnose.
  • Interview 47: Can a Dog be Impacted from its Back End to its Stomach?
  • Interview 46: Pet Ate a Bottle of Pills: What to do? Ovarian Sparing Spay: Yes/No?
  • Interview 45: No Dry Food if Pet Has Urinary Tract Disease
  • Interview 44: Snake Bites & Dogs – Should You Vaccinate Against Snakes Before Your Next Hike?
  • Interview 43: Protein Levels in Raw Rood – What is an Appropriate Percentage?
  • Interview 42Can Your Pet Get Worms From Eating a Raw Diet?
  • Interview 41CBD for Pets – A Possible Cause for Elevated Liver Enzymes
  • Interview 40Liver Filters Toxins – Is Liver in The Raw Diet Toxic to Your Pets?
  • Interview 39Top Reasons Your Dog May Not Be Able to Digest Bone Properly
  • Interview 38: Covid 19 and Pets – Can They Get the Virus and/or Pass On to You?
  • Interview 37: Dog Won’t Eat? Check These 4 Things Before You Panic
  • Interview 36: Parvo, Distemper & Rabies Shots for Puppies – Which Ones are Worst/Best
  • Interview 35: Vegan Diets for Pets – It’s a Really Bad Idea. Learn Why.
  • Interview 34: Vets Say The Darnedest Things About the Raw Diet – Heard This One Yet?
  • Interview 33: Chemo Treatments Are Not Harmless – Should You Treat Cancer the Traditional Way?
  • Interview 32: Could Pets Licking Themselves After Eating a Raw Diet Cause UTI Issues?
  • Interview 31: Keto Diets for Pets – Whats Good Health vs. Just Good Marketing
  • Interview 30: Itching Skin & Allergies – Stop Switching Proteins & Heal this First
  • Interview 29: Supporting Your Pet’s Microbiome When On Long-Term Antibiotics
  • Interview 28: Hill’s Prescription Diet for the Biome – Review & Debunking
  • Interview 27: Flea & Tick Medications – The Good, Bad, and Really Poisonous
  • Interview 26: Mast Cell Tumors – When to Remove & When to Leave Alone.
  • Interview 25: Which Raw Diets Are Best For Pets?
  • Interview 24: Prevent Making Bad Decisions About Your Pets Health
  • Interview 23: Cancer Vaccine for Pets – Miracle Drug or Money Maker?
  • Interview 22: Dr Judy Jasek Answers Listener’s Questions
  • Interview 21: What Pet Parents Are Being Sold as Healthy Food and How to See Thru the Hype
  • Interview 20: Incontinence In Pets & the Raw Diet. Broccoli or No Broccoli?
  • Interview 19: Dog Flu – A True Epidemic or Media & Marketing Hype?
  • Interview 18: Clostridium and Bad Breath In Pets – What It Means & What to Do
  • Interview 17: Bloat in Dogs – What Causes It and How to Prevent It Now
  • Interview 16: Spay and Neuter – Is it the Healthiest Choice for Pets?
  • Interview 15: Elevated Liver Enzymes? What Blood Panels Are Really Telling You.
  • Interview 14: How at Risk Is Your Pet For Cancer? Do this Test Now to Assess the Risk and Avoid Heartache Later.
  • Interview 13: Essential Oils and Flower Essences to Help Heal and Restore Health In Pets.
  • Interview 12: Dilated Cardiomyopathy – Latest fashionable diagnosis? Proper testing over presumptive diagnosis. Know the facts and ask questions.
  • Interview 11: Know this before your next Vet visit. Avoiding unnecessary and dangerous vaccines. Asking questions and becoming an advocate for your pet.
  • Interview 10: Cancer in Pets – Know the signs & symptoms. Best treatments you’ve likely never heard of before.
  • Interview 9: Having the “guts” to feed raw dog food in the face of product recalls and scare tactics. Putting things into their proper perspective.
  • Interview 8: Heartworm – What is the real risk of contraction, and is the preventative worth the risk to your pet’s health?
  • Interview 7: Should you worry about Salmonella in raw dog food? FDA & media scare tactics vs. trusting your own eyes and experience.
  • Interview 6: Dairy – An appropriate food for dogs? Dairy links to inflammation, cross-reactivity, and reducing cancer potential.
  • Interview 5: Grains – Do pets need them to be healthy? Getting pets on wellness programs that minimize vaccines and optimize nutrition.
  • Interview 4: Vitamin D and Fat support gut, brain, & heart health, and help prevent cancer. The best source of vitamin D and fats for pets.
  • Interview 3: Getting your pet’s gut balanced and healthy. What to feed a dog with IBD or Pancreatitis.
  • Interview 2: The rabies vaccine: pros, cons, legalities, and titer testing. Raw feeding vs. kibble and prescription diets.
  • Interview 1: What is the best food to feed an immune-compromised dog? Best cancer treatment: Chemo or alternative medicine? Bacteria in the raw diet, etc.

The Online Dog Trainer Interviews by “Doggie Dan” Abdelnoor

  • Show 40: Dr. Judy Jasek: Integrative Dog Medicine Providing Natural And Safe Vet Care

By the Grace of Dog Interviews by Ana Melara

  • August 2019: Itchy Skin – Best practices to handle itchy skin and other irritations, with Dr. Judy Jasek
  • December 2015: Holistic Medicine and your dog, with Dr. Judy Jasek

Wag Out Loud Interviews by Krista Karpowich

  • February 2020: 5 Underlying Causes of Cancer in Dogs & the Steps you can Take to Keep your Dog Healthy
  • October 2019: Are We Over-Vaccinating? with Dr. Judy Jasek.
  • August 2019: Dispelling the Myths about Feeding a Raw Diet, with Dr. Jasek

Dr. Andi’s World Radio Show Interviews by Dr. Andi Harper, DC, CAC

  • October 2020: In the Pumpkin Patch – Carbs & Microbiome, with Dr. Judy Jasek
  • May 2020: All About Ozone Therapy, with Dr. Judy Jasek
  • February 2020: Beyond Vaccinations, with Dr. Judy Jasek
  • August 2015: The Magic of Ozone Therapy, with Dr. Judy Jasek
  • June 2015: Health Risks of Over-Vaccinating Pets, with Dr. Judy Jasek

Healthy Pets – with Dr. Karen Becker

  • Game Changers – Moving Away From a Traditional Approach in Practicing with Dr. Judy Jasek 

The Naturally Healthy Pets Podcast – with Dr. Judy Morgan

The Art of Healingwith Matt Rowe of ParsleyPet

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Holistic Treatments that Work – Ozone

In The News
  • LINK: Dogs Dying Because Of Toxic Levels Of Vitamin D In Food
  • LINK: Cancer Causing Aflatoxins Found In Dog Foods
  • LINK: Glyphosate: The Hidden Dog Food Ingredient That Can Harm Your Dog

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