Anyone else get frustrated when the weather gets cold and your dog looks at you like you’ve lost your mind when asked to go outside to potty?  Then, your dog will decide which inside place is most appropriate as an alternative.  I have 2 chihuahuas that do not like to get their feet wet or cold, but I have discovered the joy of litter box-trained little dogs.

Dogs can be litter box trained just as they can be trained to go outside to potty.  I use the bottom of a large dog plastic crate as a container and am currently using clumping cat litter.  It is SO easy to clean and it helps eliminate accidents in the house. There is some required diligence in the training, however.  Your pet will need to be confined to a small area with the litter box and its bed, so the box is the only alternative to potty.  Lots of positive reinforcement will be necessary to reassure your pet that the box is the right thing to use.  Eventually, you can increase the space that your pet is allowed, but be sure to keep checking to see that the litter box is still being used.

We are currently using a system built in the garage to house both the dog litter-box and cat litter-box.  The dogs and cat use a pet door to exit the house, and are confined in the garage by a wire enclosure so they cannot get out or under the cars.

The garage has enough climate control to keep them happy and the mess and smell are not in the house.