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Note – As of 12/3/2022 all consultations are now conducted via telemedicine (phone or Zoom). All products are now shipped to your home. In-person exams and treatments are available via a growing list of practitioners. Read more about these changes HERE

Preventative Medicine

Take advantage of these integrative and holistic preventative medicine from Animal Healing Arts.

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Get your Puppy/Kitten off to a great start in Life
  • Optimal nutrition based on fresh-food feeding
  • Minimal use of pharmaceuticals
  • Alternatives to conventional vaccination protocols
  • Discussion on the best time to spay or neuter
  • Support your pet’s body naturally as it ages
  • Optimize nutrition with fresh-food options
  • Minimize medications that can weaken the immune system and damage organs
  • Recommendations for herbs and supplements that maintain a great quality of life
  • Provide input on test results and treatment recommendations from your local veterinarian
  • Support your pet’s natural ability to stay healthy
  • Optimal nutrition with fresh-food feeding
  • Preventative care without excessive vaccinations or other pharmaceuticals
  • Provide input on test results and treatment recommendations from your local veterinarian

Caring for your pets with Telemedicine.

All appointments are now via phone or video. We can provide assistance for healthy pet maintenance or chronic illnesses such as cancer and second opinions on diagnostic and treatment recommendations.

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