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Thank you so much for your kind words!

Hello Dr. Jasek:

Thank you for seeing us a couple of weeks ago! We are so glad we have found your practice and are excited to build Isabelle’s future with you!

She is doing so much better, pretty much back to normal with energy levels, pooping, etc. No more diarrhea, or gigantic poops. Her appetite is very strong! (is it normal to continue to lick the bowl for 20 minutes to make sure she gets every morsel?) She does really like the Raised Right food so we did order more of that and will also continue with Raw Food and Co.

She is back to running with us a few times a week and making sure the squirrels stay out of the backyard, and keeping our laps and hearts warm.

Thank you again for your expertise, and we will be recommending you to our family and friends.

Kerry, Jesse, and Isabelle - Monument, CO

As a dog trainer, I see lots of unusual behaviors in dogs, but I was completely stumped when my own adolescent puppy was showing signs that something was wrong. Her training was going ok, but she just lacked the vigor I would expect from a young dog. She was so lethargic that we nicknamed her “puddle” because of how often she preferred to lie down rather than play or go for a walk. Dr. Judy reassured me that we could address her lack of energy and food sensitivities through a proper raw diet. When I previously investigated a raw diet, it was too overwhelming to know what to do on my own. The best part of Dr. Judy’s help is that she makes it simple, and the results are HUGE. My “puddle” for the first time has turned into a silly and energetic pup who acts and feels well. Dr. Judy and her assistant, Tess, are just the best! It’s good to have the ongoing support as I continue to work on improving my puppy’s health through a more holistic approach.

Lisa Hayes, MA, CPDT-KA
Director of Training

I’m so grateful for Dr. Judy’s expertise with my two dogs. Maggie was diagnosed with cancer 1.5 years ago, and Dr. Judy has helped her immensely with advice and treatments. We have overhauled her diet, she gets ozone treatments, supplements, essential oils, & CBD oil. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for loving our furry ones so deeply.
Elizabeth V.

Dr. Judy Jasek is one of the best veterinarians currently practicing in the entire USA. I have been practicing Natural Rearing and 100% Raw Feeding since 1989 and am the Founder/Owner of SFRAW in San Francisco, CA. I do Natural Rearing and Nutritional consultations and after two years of listening to Dr. Judy Jasek interviewed and featured on the excellent Raw Dog Food and Company Raw Dog Truth podcasts, and doing further research on her practice, I started to feel confident referring my clients to her. Even in the SF Bay Area, finding trustworthy and genuine holistic veterinary practices has been a frustrating challenge fraught with disappointment. At this point, nearly all my consultation clients with difficult/complicated cases are working with her upon my reccomendation (from San Francisco via telemedicine). She is wise and caring; this is veterinary counsel and advice that you can trust. I can’t reccomend her more highly. She’s truly an exceptional veterinary professional.
Kasie M.

I had the great pleasure and blessing of being referred to Dr. Jasek by another amazing vet. At the time, our 13-year-old black lab, Katy, had been diagnosed with liver cancer. Given Katy’s age, we didn’t want to put her through surgery or chemo and thus, Dr. Jasek became her lifeline.

Dr. Jasek recommended treating ‘like with like’ and giving Katy organic chicken livers, along with supplements such as Milk Thistle to nourish her liver. Most importantly, Dr. Jasek administered weekly ozone treatments and Katy thrived for 18 more months, before leaving us at 14 -1/2 years old.

We miss Katy every day and yet I couldn’t have been more grateful for Dr. Jasek’s amazing care, recommendations, and giving us such wonderful quality time with our beloved girl. Katy had an amazing quality of life during those 18 months, and I relayed to Dr. Jasek that “She’s doing better than I am on many days”!

Thankfully, the two labs we have today are healthy, happy, and benefiting from all of Dr. Jasek’s recommendations on care and nutritional foods.

Karen B. – Castle Rock, CO

A blog I recently posted highlighting one of my cases which exhibits what is possible when you support the body’s natural ability to heal. This case was the basis of a featured article to be published in the March 2020 edition of  Dogs Naturally Magazine.

Lacey’s Story

Sharing our experience in the hopes that others can benefit and/or find alternatives outside the traditional vet medicine / recommendations.

Selah has always been our “tiny tiger” – she’s the most verbal cat I’ve ever met and is quite the trooper, all things considered. We adopted her from our local animal shelter 16 years ago. Minus the adoption vet check up and the trip to the vet when we moved to Colorado, she’s never been to the vet. After being here for a little over a year, she did develop crystals in her urine. We went the traditional route (prescription diet rx) but this moment defined the turning point in all of our marvins’ lives. I’ve been a lifelong learner and with the prospect of needing to forever monitor her diet and well being, I started exploring alternative ways of animal healing and living. Turns out the high priced kibble we were using, despite being low in ash, high in protein, organic and expensive, it was still basically carbs (even though these were whole food carbs, lol.) So, we transitioned everyone to a raw diet. Anyway, fast forward 18 months and I began to notice Selah having difficulty urinating, to the point where she eventually stopped eating, had not passed her urine in almost 48 hours and wasn’t herself. Emergency surgery and two ultrasounds later, we learned she had transitional cell carcinoma. They removed a large mass in her bladder wall and drained her bladder of 120 ml. Following this, we were given the traditional vet recommendations – chemo / radiation and NSAIDs for the remainder of her life – 6 months if we didn’t follow these recommendations. The vet knew that I wasn’t a proponent of chemo / radiation, had done much research on alternative options, but still recommended NSAIDs and lifelong monitoring of her kidney functions. Thank you, but no thank you. We agreed to disagree.

Enter Dr. Judy. Truth? I did my homework while awaiting the biopsy results and researched her online. Learning that she had a successful practice, specialized in cancer treatments, had bought and transitioned a traditional vet practice to a holistic one and later sold it, and now, was working from her home, I immediately scheduled a consultation. From the moment we talked, Dr. Judy was forthright, plain speaking and honest about Selah and her condition. She suggested a protocol I had already read much about as well as several supplements that I wasn’t familiar with. We immediately started Selah on ozone and mistletoe therapies as well as several supplements to support her immune system. It’s been 10 months and Selah hasn’t missed a beat. She’s more herself than ever and as I write this, she just barrelled across the dining room with what Dr. Judy calls the “zoomies.” She recently had a third ultrasound which showed no CA regrowth or spreading in any area of her body. Her appetite and energy levels are great and as always, she remains the most verbal cat we know. So much for the 6 month prognosis the traditional (but well meaning) vet gave her. Oh, and because I’m an optimist, I did email her ultrasound scans and CA treatment protocol to the traditional vet. Sometimes, results speak for themselves and are much better at offering someone in the traditional world an opportunity to pause and question what’s out there.

Dr. Judy? She’s amazing, affordable and a lifelong learner. These are all the components needed in a healer who posits to make a true difference in the life of your / our pet. Much respect and thanks, Dr. Judy.

Wendy M. – Lakewood, CO

Pet health is our business and that’s why Raw Dog Food and Company trusts Dr. Judy Jasek as the premier go to vet for our health conscious pet parents.

Dr. Jasek is NOT your typical vet treating symptoms. Dr. Jasek treats the actual CAUSE of symptoms. Seeing the skyrocketing cancer rates in people and pets Dr. Jasek’s first question is always “What are you feeding your pet?” Dr. Jasek states: “The best diet for most any pet is a fresh whole food diet, minimally processed and preferably raw”.

Raw Dog Food and Company is proud to have Dr. Judy Jasek as part of our health team! We highly recommend Dr. Judy Jasek to our customers and any pet parent seeking only the best for man’s (and woman’s) best friend.

DeDe Murcer Moffett – CEO – Raw Dog Food and Company

To anyone that loves their dog and wants them to live a long, healthy and cancer-free life, I highly recommend working with Dr. Jasek.

I am the host of the Wag Out Loud Podcast and have had her on the show several times and each time she has given our listeners such great information. I admire her unique whole-body approach to both treating and preventing cancer and appreciate that she looks at the whole animal and any underlying issues. Her passion and commitment to educating both pet parents and other veterinarians on how to successfully reduce or even eliminate disease is so heart-warming.

Krista Karpowich – Top Dog – Wag Out Loud

Here at Suzie’s CBD Treats, we are confident in our capability to manufacture CBD products for your pet that are not only pure and effective, but also affordable. We pride ourselves in transparency and we are committed to your pets health and wellness. However, we are not medical professionals, nor do we claim to be. Even though CBD is generally regarded as safe, we still advise our customers to seek veterinary advice before using CBD, especially when treating complex medical conditions.

We refer all of our customers to Dr. Judy. Suzie’s CBD has been proudly partnered with Dr Judy as our trusted holistic veterinarian since the inception of our company. She is an expert in the field of holistic medicine and she has extensive knowledge about how to find and use cannabis products that are safe for your pet. Dr. Judy is a wealth of information, and will help you to devise a successful treatment plan that is customized to your pets needs.

If you are holistic minded and want a vet that understands and values your philosophies, Dr Judy is the perfect fit. She is patient, kind, and diligent and will work hard to find a holistic solution to most of your pets ailments. Even though Suzie’s has mainly utilized her to provide CBD advice to our ourselves and our customers, she excels in other areas of alternative medicine as well. Some of her specialities include but are not limited to; nutrition counseling, alternative cancer treatments, and implementing appropriate supplements to promote whole body health and wellness.

Megan Stoll – Co-Owner – Suzie’s Pet Treats

Caring for your pets with Telemedicine.

All appointments are now via phone or video. We can provide assistance for healthy pet maintenance or chronic illnesses such as cancer and second opinions on diagnostic and treatment recommendations.

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