Animal Healing Arts is now a private membership association. This means that we only provide services to members of our association. Membership is free, and it only takes a minute to join. Click HERE to become a member today!

Note – As of 12/3/2022 all consultations are now conducted via telemedicine (phone or video conference). All products are now shipped to your home, most directly from the manufacturer. Read more about these clinic changes HERE


** If your pet has a critical health concern, please take them to an emergency clinic immediately **

Use the following form to submit your product reorder requests. In order to expedite your requests, please take note of the following:

Note 1 – Members Only: These product requests are only valid for active, existing clients and patients who are members of our association. To refill any prescription items, including herbs and mistletoe, you must have had an appointment with Dr. Judy to review your pet’s condition within the last 6 months. If your last consultation was beyond 6 months ago, you will need to complete a follow-up appointment before your order is processed. 

Note 2 – Orders Only: This form is for submitting product reorders ONLY. Please do NOT include medical questions, as the orders are being filled by non-medical personnel. If you have medical questions or concerns about your pet, please schedule a medical consultation with the doctor.

Note 3 – Be Specific: When filling out the form, include the specific product name (i.e., from a previous product label or invoice) and the quantity desired. This will help prevent errors in filling your order. Please be aware that not all products can be shipped outside the United States.

Note 4 – No Expedited Shipping: Products are drop-shipped to you directly from the supplier via their least expensive option (usually bulk-rate USPS or UPS Ground). We do NOT offer expedited shipping options.

Note 5 – Orders Will Expire: After submitting your order, someone will promptly contact you for payment, and you will have three business days to pay for your order before it is deleted from our system. No orders ship without payment.

1. Enter your pet’s name and your contact information.
2. Enter the specific name of the product you are requesting (refer to the label on the existing product or a previous invoice to obtain the product name) and the quantity you desire.
3. If you are ordering more Mistletoe, please provide the current dosage (in ml) that you are administering to your pet.
4. If you want your order shipped to an alternate address, please provide that address in the “Alternate Shipping Address” field.
5. Check the Captcha box, and follow any prompts it may give you.
6. Click the “Submit” button to submit your order.

After submitting your order, someone will reach out to you to collect payment via the information you have provided on the form. Typically the process is:
A. You will receive a detailed invoice via email, including a pay link for which to pay for your order via credit card.
B. After your order has been fully paid and processed, you will receive an email with your paid invoice (i.e. receipt), including all shipment tracking information associated with your order, and dosage instructions for those items that are being dropped shipped to you. 

*Note* – Please read the UNDERSTANDING YOUR INVOICE section for a detailed breakdown of the information contained on your invoice (receipt). Understanding this information will save you a great deal of time in answering questions about dosage and the status of your order. Empower yourself by reading this information!

Understanding Your Invoice
This section provides a detailed example of the invoices you will receive as a result of placing an order. The general process flow of an order is as follows:

1. You place your order via the online order form.

2. We generate a detailed invoice for your order, and do one of the following:

a. If you have a credit card saved in our system, we will charge the card on-file so-as to expedite processing of your order. 

b. If you do NOT have a credit card on-file, we email you the invoice with a Paylink in the comments section. You will use that Paylink to pay for your order. 

3. You pay for your order via that Paylink. Orders will NOT be processed without payment.

4. After payment, we do one or more of the following, depending on your order’s contents:

a. For all AHA branded products and a few other items, we assemble and ship your order ourselves from our in-house inventory. This list of products is relatively small and includes things like: mistletoe & syringes, CBD, nosodes, essential oils, teas, ozone oil, vitamins, etc. Where applicable, every item that we ship will come with a dosage instruction label on the product, and sometimes an additional sheet of instructions.

b. For herbs and other items that we don’t stock ourselves, we order and drop-ship these to you directly from supplier. This provides you with a wider range of products (literally, everything a supplier offers) than if we attempted to stock these ourselves. Because we don’t ship these to you, they do NOT come with a dosage instruction label on the product. Instead, you can get those instructions from the line item detail of the invoice itself. (examples below)

5. Once we have either shipped or ordered ALL of your product items and have received tracking numbers for ALL of those shipments, we will update your invoice with this information (in the comments section) and send you the paid invoice as a receipt. You can refer to this paid invoice at any time for either dosage instructions, or the shipment tracking numbers so that you can track the delivery status of your order yourself at any time, without calling our office.

Example Invoice with Paylink
For this example, this client has ordered refills of mistletoe and two additional herbs. We generated an invoice and emailed it to them with a Paylink, as previously explained. Here is an example of the invoice they received via email:

1. Note the Paylink URL included in the Comments section (highlighted in yellow). Either click the link (in blue), or copy/paste it into a browser in order to pay for your order.

2. The items grouped in black are fulfilled from “Animal Healing Arts” (i.e. AHA). Note that this includes a shipping charge for these items, and we ship these items to you.

3. The items grouped in red are fulfilled by “A Time To Heal” (i.e. ATTH), one of our suppliers. Note that it has its own associated shipping charge, as these are shipped to you directly from this supplier.

4. The items grouped in blue are fulfilled by “Jing Tang” (i.e. JT), one of our suppliers. Note that it has its own associated shipping charge, as these are shipped to you directly from this supplier.

Example Payment
When you click the Paylink (or copy/paste it into a browser) you will get a screen like the following. Simply enter your credit card and billing information and click the Pay button

Example Paid Invoice (i.e. Receipt) with Dosage & Tracking Info
After you’ve paid for your order via the Paylink, we fulfill your order directly and/or through our suppliers. Once we have tracking numbers for all of the shipments included in your order, we will send you a paid invoice with this tracking information. Below is an example:

We can see by this invoice that:

1. The invoice has been paid (i.e. the Balance Due is $0.00, and there is a Paid transaction ID in the comments).

2. AHA shipped our portion of the order via USPS tracking number 9405509205568782881750. (Circled in black)

3. ATTH shipped their portion of the order via USPS tracking number 9400111899562098007425. (Circled in red)

4. JT shipped their portion of the order via USPS tracking number 9405511206209856860838. (Circled in blue)

5. The NP-Si Miao San 100g herb has its dosage instructions included on the invoice in the details of that line item. (Highlighted in yellow)

6. The JT-Si Miao San Concentrated 90g herb has its dosage instructions included on the invoice in the details of that line item. (Highlighted in yellow)

Your Shipment Status / Using the Tracking Numbers
Almost all orders will ship USPS from all vendors. In very rare circumstances, we may ship something via UPS or FedEx. The tracking numbers of each carrier look different, and must be looked up on their own sites. You can check the delivery status of your orders yourself, at any time, by using the providing tracking numbers from your invoice and the carrier sites below:

1. USPS – These tracking numbers are typically a 22 digit number beginning with “94” (i.e. 9405511206209856860838). You can copy/paste the number from your invoice into the “Track” field on this page to check its status:

2. UPS – These tracking numbers are typically an 18 character alpha-numeric beginning with “1Z” (i.e. 1Z9A83E91350540602). You can copy/paste the number from your invoice into the “Track” field on this page to check its status:

3. FedEx – These tracking numbers are typically a 12-15 digit number (i.e. 794801750851). You can copy/paste the number form your invoice into the “Tracking Number” field on this page to check it’s status:

Hopefully this information takes the mystery out of your invoices and empowers you to answer your own questions concerning: what the charges are for, what your dosage instructions are, and the delivery status of your order shipments.

Creating a Pawsitive Experience

We are committed to helping all of our patients live the best life possible. As our practice grows, we are faced with helping more and more clients each day. In order to give all of our patients the best care possible, we ask that you please read and follow these simple guidelines HERE.

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