Do you know what your pet is really eating? It is critical for the health of your pet to look beyond the marketing hype and actually read the ingredient list – you may be shocked at what you see!

A typical grocery store kibble diet many contain ingredients such as:
Corn, soybean meal, whole wheat, corn syrup, wheat middlings, animal digest, propylene glycol, and a whole host of synthetic vitamins and minerals, along with artificial colors and preservatives.

Some of the ‘better’ dry food diets will have more whole-food ingredients on the label, but all kibble diets are processed at very high temperatures destroy the nutritional content of the ingredients.

All kibble diets typically contain about 50% carbohydrates. These ingredients all turn to sugar in the body, which spikes insulin and causes inflammation. This leads to a number of chronic diseases including itchy skin, IBD, auto-immune conditions and cancer. In addition, many carbohydrates are sprayed with glyphosate after harvest to facilitate the drying process. Glyphosate is a known carcinogen and is very toxic for your pet.

The best diet for your pet will contain fresh whole foods with minimal processing. This will include raw, dehydrated or freeze-dried or lightly cooked products. I recommend feeding a raw diet whenever possible. I do not encourage home-prepared meals as it can be difficult to properly balance a whole-food diet.

We offer comprehensive nutritional consultations that will customize a diet specifically designed for your pet’s needs as well as your lifestyle and budget.

Feeding a nutritious, species specific diet is the most important thing that you can do for your pet’s health.

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