Mistletoe is a parasitic plant that does not grow out of the ground, but rather grows directly from the branches of the trees that host it.  Mistletoe can become so prolific that it kills its host, but it often grows with the host as it cannot survive without it. 

So how does Mistletoe treat cancer?  This plant has an amazing history of health advantages when treating cancer, including:

*Preventing tumor metastasis
*Causing cancer cell death
*Improve mitochondria health
*Reduces tumor blood supply
*Stabilizes health DNA
*Stimulates the immune system
*Increases interleukin 2
*Reduces side effects of chemotherapy and radiation
*Reduction of tumor-related pain

Historically, mistletoe-bearing oaks were holy to the early Germanic tribes.  Their priests, the Druids, wearing white robes, would harvest the mistletoe with a golden sickle, catching it in a white cloth to prevent it from touching the earth.  Mistletoe was considered a remedy for all diseases and throughout the Middle Ages was used to treat epilepsy, sterility, high blood pressure, and depression.

Today, a preparation of mistletoe is provided in sterile vials suitable for injection, either under the skin or intravenous.  Giving injections under the skin is the most practical for dogs and cats, and can be done at home.  The injections are given 3 times per week at increasing doses until a reaction is noticed in the form of skin inflammation at the injection site or a slight fever.  This is a sign that the immune system is activated.  A slight fever will actually enhance the ability of the body to eliminate cancer, but we do not want it to cause lethargy or a reduction in appetite.  We will monitor your pet’s response to treatment and make dosing changes that are appropriate.

I am now offering this valuable option as part of my treatment protocols for cancer patients.  Once again, there is no magic bullet when it comes to treating cancer, but this is another tool that is safe and can potentially provide significant benefit.

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