Do you find yourself scratching your head sometimes and wondering why your pets do certain things?  Have you ever wondered what your pets are thinking?   I sure did when my Chihuahua, C-Jay, continued to pee on the carpet after what I considered to be my best efforts to train her to use the litterbox or go outside.  See: to read about my adventure in litterbox training.

As an holistic veterinarian, I often see clients that rely on animal communicators to help them learn more about their pets.  I had never done this with my pets, although I have always been interested in learning more about what my pets are thinking and how we can live in better harmony.

I contacted Kate Solisti  for help with my litterbox issues.  She helped me understand where C-Jay was coming from, and gave me some useful advice and things I could modify to help curb the unpopular behaviors.  Kate is also very experienced in using flower essences to help pets modify their emotional experiences.

Chihuahuas are notorious for creating house-breaking challenges, and many of them end up in shelters each year due to a lack of resolution.  Believe me, they are very different from many of their canine counterparts.  By learning more about C-Jay’s viewpoint and what was driving her behavior, I was able to begin to resolve the situation.  We are still on week one of figuring this out, but I feel confident that we will come to a resolution.