All dogs and cats need routine dental care including: exams, professional cleaning, polishing and x-rays.  There are no exceptions to this, though the level of care needed will vary between individuals.  Size, species, breed, age and diet will all play a role in the type of dental care that will be best for your pet.  The cost of dental care will vary with the extent of dental care necessary and will be dramatically reduced by regular dental maintenance.

Dental disease can be very painful for your pet, and proper dental care can add precious years to your pet’s life.

Signs of dental disease in your pet may include:

1. Pawing or rubbing at the mouth

2. Drooling excessively or bleeding from the mouth

3. Reluctance to eat hard foods or treats

4. Facial swellings

5. Mouth odor

Dental care is approached differently by different practitioners.  As the field of veterinary dentistry progresses, the level of diagnostics and treatments will vary greatly from clinic to clinic.  Shopping only for the lowest price may be preventing your pet from receiving the quality dental care that it deserves.  You will get what you pay for in the form of expertise, monitoring, technical ability, pain management and safety.