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ER Clinics

EVS – Open 24/7 – 34 Van Gordon St., Suite 160, Lakewood, CO 80118 – 720.510.7770 –


Dr. Andi Harper – Chiropractor – (Golden) –

Dr. Vicki Souder – Chiropractic & Laser – (Aurora) –

Dr. Lisa Lancaster – Chiropractic, Acupuncture & Laser – (Denver) –


Heather Manfre – Massage, Accupressure & Reiki – (Englewood) –

Gillian Edwards – Massage & Reiki –


Dr. Donald BeeBe – Apex Dog & Cat Dentistry –

Pet Insurance
Ozone Equipment - Original

Longevity –

PromoLife – Use this link AND code to get 10% off your order: Code: PCT10

O3Vets –

SimplyO3 –

Ozone Equipment - Option A

Ozone Equipment Rentals

For your convenience, we offer rental ozone kits for home treatment. Many ozone treatments can easily be done at home by pet parents, and there are various reasons why this option may appeal to you, including:

1. You want to supplement the blood or UVBI treatments your pet receives in-clinic with additional ozone treatments that you can do yourself at home.

2. You may live too far from our clinic, or have a busy schedule that prohibits you from bringing your pet into the clinic for the recommended treatment schedule. The rental kit allows you to do meet their treatment schedule by doing it at home yourself.

3. You are interested in obtaining your own ozone machine for personal use on your pets and/or yourself. The rental kit allows you to “try before you buy”, to familiarize yourself with ozone components and treatment processes before purchasing your own expensive equipment.

Our home treatment kits can be rented by the week or by the month. Rentals are currently: $100/week or $350/month. If you are interested in this option, please ask the doctor if this is an appropriate option for your pet during your next appointment.

Ozone Equipment Purchases

For those that have decided they want to purchase their own ozone equipment, we offer the following information to assist you in acquiring what you need to accomplish your goals.

Equipment vs Treatment Chart

The equipment you need depends on the treatment options you wish to do at home. The following chart shows what equipment is required to perform the ozone treatment options you desire.

*Note: A medical grade tank typically requires a doctor’s prescription to be filled. We can provide you with this prescription for the treatment of your pet.

Interpreting the Chart

White – The first 5 items are required to do ANY ozone therapy. You MUST have a tank, regulator, ozone generator, tubing and connectors to connect your ozone equipment and accessories together. Additionally, you will need the following items, depending on the treatments you desire.

Yellow – The oil bubbler is required to do the respiratory treatments. You may also require additional items in gray.

Green – A 60cc syringe and a catheter are required to administer rectal ozone to your pet. If you wish to administer rectal ozone to yourself, we recommend using a rectal insufflation bag that comes with a catheter. You may also require additional items in gray.

Red – A limb bag is used to trap ozone gas around a limb (hand or foot) for the purposes of treating a wound or skin condition. You may also require additional items in gray.

Blue – Drinking ozonated water is a great way to oxygenate your cells. However, because it has an odd taste, your pet is unlikely to drink it. We highly recommend a separate water bubbler for this task, rather than using an oil bubbler or an oil/water bubbler combo which will get cross-contaminated. You may also require additional items in gray.

Gray – The gray items are required ONLY for the treatments specified for that particular item. Here are a couple of examples to illustrate:

1. Respiratory – If you intend to do respiratory treatment, you will need:

a. An oil bubbler (in yellow), AND

b. Either a check valve (also called a hydrophobic valve) or an air trap. This prevents the oil from entering your generator, which will damage the unit.

2. Water – If you intend to create ozonated water, you will need:

a. A water bubbler (in blue) AND

b. Either a check valve (also called a hydrophobic valve) or an air trap. This prevents the water from entering your generator, which will damage the unit, AND

c. An ozone destructor. This protects your lungs from the ozone gas during water ozonation.

Purchasing Ozone Equipment Yourself

A complete ozone setup will start around $1000, and varies greatly depending on the make/model of your ozone generator and the number of accessories you purchase. If you’re a savvy consumer, you can mix and match components from different suppliers to save costs or suit your preferences.

Below are a few suppliers we have used and trust. They know their products and are happy to help you with your purchases (just be sure to tell them all the ozone treatment types you intend to perform), but they likely won’t help you mix and match their products with those from other suppliers. Therefore, be prepared to either purchase all of your equipment from one supplier, or do your own research into mixing and matching.

Longevity –

PromoLife – Use both the link AND code to get 10% off your order: Link: Code: PCT10

O3Vets –

SimplyO3 –

Purchasing Assistance

Products, prices, availability and URL links are always changing, and everyone has different needs and goals for their ozone equipment. This is why we don’t publish any specific product links, but rather provide you with a list of items you need for each treatment type and offer several suppliers from which to purchase your items.

Searching for the best deals and pairing equipment together to meet your needs will take some time and consideration. If you’d rather have someone assist you in purchasing your own equipment, we offer a concierge level of assistance for a $200 fee. This service includes:

1. Interview – We interview you to determine the treatments you want to perform and your equipment budget.

2. Research – We research the market for the latest products/prices to determine recommendations for you.

3. Purchase – We will provide you with a complete list of all the equipment you need to purchase from the supplier(s). You will then purchase the items yourself. This is so that the products are registered to you, for the purposes of any warrantee or future service that may be required. Note: We only provide assistance in determining, obtaining and using equipment, not in warranting, servicing or replacing any equipment.

4. Training – After you receive all of your equipment items, make an appointment to bring your items to our clinic, and we will do the following:

a. Assemble your equipment for you, and

b. Train you how to use your equipment to perform all the treatment options you require.

If you are interested in paying for this concierge level service, use the following form to submit a request for purchase assistance. Our equipment expert will then contact you to setup the interview.

Please Note: Times are in MST
Ozone Equipment - Option B
Oxygen Tank Refills

Columbine Ambulance & Oxygen – 5893 S. Prince St., Littleton CO 80120 – 303.794.1911


Ken Caryl Pet Spa – Dawn Olson –

Cool Cuts Pet Grooming – Donna Cool –

Dog Training

Training with Grace – Ana Melara –

Creating Forever Dogs – Fran Menley –

Canine Community Heroes – Lisa Hayes –

Dog & Cat Food

Raw Dog Food & Company –

Raised Right –

Dog Treats

We recommend only all natural, well sourced, no carb products such as: jerky, freeze-dried meat, beef/turkey tendons, chicken/duck feet, pig/cow ears, tripe, and duck heads. Manufacturers frequently change their products and/or sourcing, so always check each time you order products. Here are some products we have used and recommended:

Papa Psuka –

Jerky Treats –

Beef Tendon/Bully Sticks/Pig Ears –

Jerky/Tendons/Ears/Tripe/Trachea –

Turkey Tendons –

Chicken/Duck Feet & Heads –


Natural Organ Supplements –

BioPrep Algae Supplements –

Dog Breeders

It’s hard to find a breeder who follows holistic rearing principles and doesn’t over-vaccinate their puppies. Here are a few we happen to know. If you know of others, let us know so we can list them here.

German Shepherds

Rocky Mountain German Shepherds –
Von NewAgape German Shepherds


Dr. Nasha Winters – Survivor, Mistletoe, Metabolic Approach – Podcasts –

Ozone Therapy

AHA Ozone Info –

Dr. Margo Roman – Ozone Therapy videos –

Dr. Frank Shallenberger – Ozone Therapy videos –

Caring for your pets with Telemedicine.

All appointments are now via phone or video. We can provide assistance for healthy pet maintenance or chronic illnesses such as cancer and second opinions on diagnostic and treatment recommendations.

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