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Note – As of 12/3/2022 we will be closing our onsite clinic, and will only be doing phone or zoom appointments thereafter. Products will be shipped to your home, and Treatments will be available via other practitioners. Click HERE to read this official announcement and to stay up-to-date with this transition and our growing practitioner list.

  • Puppies
  • Senior pets
  • Cancer patients
  • Chronic illnesses

We welcome you to come in with your pet!

Animal Healing Arts

Integrative care for four-legged family members in Littleton, CO


Welcome to our family.

Do you feel confused by conflicting information about your pet’s health? Would you like to gain more understanding of how to help your pet? Have you been told that there are no more options in treating your pet?

We are here to help you to be the Champion in your pet’s life. Your pet has an amazing ability to heal and stay healthy, and we can show you how to help. We will start by identifying the causes of disease and eliminate them for your pet. You will then learn how to gently and effectively support your pet’s natural healing ability.

Magic-bullet and one-size-fits-all treatments are directed only at the outward symptoms, not at the cause of disease, and do not support natural healing. We use an integrative approach that includes conventional medicine if indicated to keep your pet comfortable, and focuses on whole food nutrition and supplements, herbs, and other treatments that support your pet’s natural ability to heal.

Let us help you be the Champion in your pet’s life!

We offer telemedicine appointments from the comfort of your home!

Our Proven Process


We evaluate medical history and current lifestyle.


We recommend the best treatment plan and present it to you.


We guide the implementation of the plan we presented.

Meet Dr. Judy Jasek

Using the knowledge gained in her 30+ years of practicing, Dr. Judy has developed a unique whole-body approach to both treating and preventing cancer. She looks at the whole animal and supports the natural healing ability of the body with proper nutrition, detoxification, and eliminating the underlying causes of disease. She then uses tools such as ozone, herbs, CBD, essential oils, and whole food supplements to optimize the health of the body and help it to eliminate the disease.


I am firmly committed to improving the health of as many pets as possible.

Cancer Care

We must consider all aspects of health in order to create an effective treatment plan.


Diagnostic testing plays a very important role in both the early detection and monitoring of disease processes.

Comprehensive care

From nutrition to vaccines, we create a well-rounded approach to create an individualized care plan.

Compassionate care for your four-legged family members.

I am currently practicing out of my home in Littleton, Colorado. If you are in the area, I would be honored to meet you and your pet in person. Office hours are by appointment ONLY.

I also offer telemedicine via zoom and phone consultations, and will be moving exclusively to this platform in the future. Please contact me to schedule a time and arrange for medical records to be transferred.

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